Dynamic lottery filters 10elotto ogni 5 minuti

Dynamic filters are used in the Integral Systems of the 10elotto ogni 5 minuti to create conditioned systems. This category of filters differs from filtri-statici in that they change over time or are an expression of the current delay of a number or combination or take into account the current position in the Analytical table.
The parameters present are respectively:
  • In Synchro: numbers having the same delay and represented in the same line in the analytic board;
  • Col. Analytical Table: numbers output in the same position and then placed in the same column in the analytical board;
  • Dist. RC: minimum and maximum distance between the respective chronological delays of the extracted numbers;
  • RC Num: chronological delay of extracted numbers;
  • RC Comb: minimum and maximum delay between all the modular ambi with the output series.

30 October 2020, n.002 - 00:10
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-12 Min-Max Couples CD 0-106 In Synchro 7
Delay of Numbers0000040001000503000305000202120302030006
Same Col Analytical Table10113030001102200401

30 October 2020, n.001 - 00:05
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-13 Min-Max Couples CD 0-92 In Synchro 6
Delay of Numbers0401000301131000030006060302000702000100
Same Col Analytical Table12123112011110110001