11 March 2018

Player Memento (Leontino Gorgia)

Let's remember Leontino Gorgia with his Player Memento

In the extensive literature that Leontino Gorgia has left us, we report the "player's memento" taken from STATISTICAL DELAYS AND RATIONAL ASPECTIVES - The great themes of lottology. Supermathematical Edition Milan - Year 1991

Remember that Lotto is and always will be a very difficult, albeit fascinating, game;
Remember to never spend too much on the game to avoid subjecting yourself to it;
Remember never to believe the promises of easy winnings because no method or system can ever give absolute certainty;
Remember, playing the game, not to live by anxiety but to wait for the draw with serenity. A moderation in the stakes will always avoid disappointment, in case of a negative outcome, because it does not affect financial integrity;
Remember never to play the game of combinations that involve increases in stakes in progression for a long time and to prefer instead narrow predictions that do not engage beyond a certain limit;
Make rational choices, if possible, to be aware of their validity;
Remember that the most delayed time combinations are not always the most reliable;
Remember that in this game there are no phenomenal or exceptional situations, because the exception is only a condition that prevents you from completing a planned action;
Remember that nothing in the game of Lotto is infallible. If you multiply the categories of time and space, until you reach a massive mass of data, it is possible to find many plausible or parallel stories, but not the absolute truth.